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The Danger in Distance


Everything he wants. Nothing he can have.

Smothered fires still burn hot. 


            After years of being stifled in his small Ohio town, going away to college has given Trevor the opportunities he's always longed for: friends--especially friends as queer as he is--and the chance to get laid.

            It's also given him some experiences he wasn't expecting.  Like living with his godfather.  His hot, former Marine, gay godfather, who spanks (literally) all his fantasies to life and then fulfills them. But the few weeks they’ve had to explore each other isn’t enough to satisfy Trevor before summer break sends him back to the isolation and desperate loneliness of small-town life.

            For his part, Grady never expected any of this. Skinny twinks had never been his type, and Grady was comfortable in his solitary life. Trevor's noisy intrusion called for order, for discipline, but as Trevor wriggled through every barrier Grady tried to put between them, that discipline definitely became something else.  It's fine, though.  He'll give Trevor some sweet memories, and eventually, Trevor will move out and Grady will go on. But without his brat stomping around, Grady's house is too quiet and his bed too cold.  His quiet existence has become that: just existence.

            Back in Ohio, pressure’s building. Without the release Grady gives with each hard crack of his hand, Trevor’s sleepwalking is getting worse… and more dangerous.

            The heat of summer brings them both to a breaking point, but when their reunion only leads to more problems, will they find a new way to make things work between them?


Warning: This is book 3 of a kinky, erotic, spanking romance. There is a happy-for-now, but the story continues. You will enjoy it more if you read the first two stories

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