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Hot Daddy Summer

A chaotic brat. A stern Daddy. Summer's never been hotter. 

Jayce Vandermere has been trying to fit back into his life since an aneurysm almost killed him five years ago. He lost two years of memories and lives knowing that time is one thing that’s never guaranteed, so he might as well enjoy what he’s got.

The chaos that follows him around drags in Roman Collins, whose silver hair and stern features have Jayce ready to drop to his knees in worship. One thing the aneurysm didn’t steal is Jayce’s memory of how hot he finds Daddy Doms, and Roman is right out of Jayce’s finest fantasy.

They might be a kink match made in heaven, but the trauma of Jayce’s lost experiences have left him broken. And Roman has secrets of his own, locked away behind sad eyes that remind Jayce he’s not the only thing on Roman’s mind.

Summer speeds toward an end. In spite of Jayce’s philosophy to squeeze everything out of life while he has it, he finds himself hoping for a future with Roman. But what’s unspoken between them could cost them everything.

Or give them both a second chance.

CW: explicit content, spanking, CNC

This is a complete romance with a happily-ever-after.

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